Watford CIty Students Learn about Money

It’s never too early to start teaching children about money. Teach Children to Save Day was celebrated in April and the entire month was observed as Financial Literacy Month. In addition to that, it’s also the time of year when many teachers start money units in their classrooms.

To help teach financial literacy, representatives from Cornerstone Bank recently visited with nearly 400 students at Watford City Elementary School. Each section of first and second graders learned about the value of money and the importance of saving money.

Dia Northrop, Banker at Cornerstone Bank, appreciates the opportunity to get out into the community with projects like this. “It’s great to get into the classrooms and share information with the students. They are so excited to learn!”

Being in the schools and helping with financial education is nothing new to Cornerstone Bank. In 1982, back when the bank was known as McKenzie County Bank, Jane Swenson and her teaching partner Paul Bauer started teaching children at Watford City Elementary School about checkbooks. Since then, the Bank has taken an active role in helping teachers with financial education.

Another way that Cornerstone Bank actively participates in the school system is by having local high school students work at the bank through the Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) program. Cornerstone Bank’s own Vicki Monsen participated in this program, previously known as Vocation Office Education (VOE), from 1986-1987. Since then, she has made a successful career in banking and is now the Market President at Cornerstone Bank. The bank has welcomed numerous students over the years and enjoys participating in that program.

“Through the years we’ve worked with many grades in the school system. The community and school system have grown tremendously and we’re grateful to continue to have the opportunity to be active in the schools,” said Monsen. 

Cornerstone Holding Company, based in North Dakota, is the parent company of Cornerstone Bank. One of North Dakota’s ten largest financial institutions, Cornerstone Bank has 12 locations in North and South Dakota. Cornerstone Bank provides an expansive product offering while staying true to their mission of providing access to financial experts who give straight answers and the best possible financial options.