The safest place to keep your money is in the bank

COVID-19 is causing many concerns. One thing you can count on is the safety of your money in the bank.

  1. You have continued access to your funds and bank services. You have access to your funds through our drive-ups, ATMs, and electronic tools such as mobile apps and online banking.

  2. Your money is safe, secure, and insured. No consumer has lost a single penny in the history of this insurance fund. Click here to learn more about deposit insurance coverage.

  3. We are prepared. Cornerstone Bank is prepared for situations like a pandemic, with tested and proven business continuity plans and procedures.

  4. We are looking out for you, your family, and your business. Cornerstone Bank is working with customers and providing assistance. Bankers are also communicating with their customers about grants and federal assistance, such as the SBA program.

  5. Your banker is listening and ready to act. Reach out to your banker with any concerns. Cornerstone Bank is strong and ready to help.