How does it work?

You make your initial deposit with Cornerstone Bank, and we do the work of placing your money in CDs within the network.

Your money is placed in CDs in increments of less than the standard FDIC insurance maximum so that both the principal and interest are eligible for FDIC protection. As a result, you can receive coverage from many banks while working directly with your Cornerstone Banker!

Note: While early withdrawals are available, you will be required to pay a substantial penalty.

  • Benefits of IntraFi<sup>SM</sup> Network Deposits<sup>SM</sup>
  • Access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance
  • Avoid the hassle of opening accounts at different banks
  • Saves you time and money
  • Safe and Secure
  • ​Convenient

Don’t hesitate to contact your local Cornerstone Bank for more details or if you have any questions.

What is the IntraFiSM Network DepositsSM network?

IntraFi<sup>SM</sup> Network Deposits<sup>SM</sup> is a special network of banks that provides you with access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance by placing your funds into CDs issued by other participating banks in the  IntraFi<sup>SM</sup> Network Deposits<sup>SM</sup> network.