What is a short code?

A short code is a shorter version of a phone number. Generally, 5-6 numbers in length. You can send and receive text messages from a standard U.S. short code as well as a traditional phone number.

Does Mobile Banking offer push alerts?

Yes! In conjunction with real-time account alerts, Mobile Banking users can customize their notifications on their smartphone about the types of transactions they deem most important, such as when deposits are made, checks clear, withdrawals post to the account, and so much more.  Users can set up and manage these alerts right from the app.

What does “standard messaging charges apply” mean?

Every mobile service carrier has a different rate plan for text messaging and data service access. You may be charged per use or pay a flat rate for unlimited usage each month. You may also have different fees for text messaging and data services access. Contact your mobile carrier directly if you are not sure what fees you are charged for text messaging.

How does Business Mobile Banking prevent fraud?

The powerful security features of Business Mobile Banking allow authorized users to establish controls and alerts designed to detect and stop fraudulent transactions before they happen. It protects against account takeover by safeguarding the approval process for ACH, wire transfers, account transfers, positive pay transactions, and more.