Debit Card FAQ

Lost/Stolen Debit Card? 

If your debit card is lost or stolen, please report it immediately to Cornerstone Bank at 701-364-9630 or 888-297-2100. To report a lost or stolen debit card after hours, please call 800-472-3272. To activate or change your PIN, please call 800-992-3808. If you have MasterCard questions while traveling, please call 973-682-2652.

Can I set up email or text alerts?

Yes. Alerts can be set up to notify you of certain activity on your account. To setup alerts, log-in to online banking, click on Alerts in the top right corner of the screen, choose the type of alert and click on set up new alert. You will be prompted to choose a category, type of alert, which account you wish to have alerts on and whether to be notified by email or text.

What are the benefits of a Debit MasterCard?

Chip Card FAQ:

What is a chip card?

  • It is a debit card that has a chip on the front and a traditional magnetic stripe on the back. The chip provides greater global acceptance and added security when used at a chip-enabled terminal or ATM. Many countries worldwide have adopted chip technology, and it will become the standard for card payments in the U.S.
  • Chip cards are also called EMV cards. EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, the three companies which originally created the EMV standard. The chip contains your card number, name, and other account information in an encrypted format. 
  • Every transaction is unique when using a chip card, making it extremely difficult for the card to be copied or counterfeited. It provides the world’s most sophisticated fraud protection for debit and credit cards.
  • If a merchant or ATM has not yet adopted chip technology, your transaction will be processed using the magnetic stripe as it is today.

What benefit does the chip card provide me?

  • The chip in the card makes your card more broadly accepted internationally and more secure when making purchases where chip readers are available. 

What makes a chip card more secure?

  • Cards with chip technology are extremely difficult to counterfeit or copy when used at a chip-enabled point of sale terminal or an ATM.  

What information is stored in the chip?

  • The chip contains information used to process your transaction. No personal information or location tracking is stored in the chip.

How does it work?

  • When you use an ATM that is chip enabled, or are at a merchant with a chip-enabled machine, here’s how it works:
    • With the chip facing up, insert the card, chip side first into the bottom of the terminal where indicated.
    • Follow the prompts on the terminal screen, and if necessary enter your PIN.
    • Leave the card in the terminal until you hear the beeping and see a message asking you to remove your card.

Do I have to use the chip-enabled machine?

  • It is likely, depending on the machine and merchant, that you will be required to use the chip reader. For the added security and fraud protection, you will always want to use it whenever it is available.

Can I use my card at a merchant or ATM where they don’t have a chip-enabled terminal?

  • Absolutely. You will just continue to use the magnetic stripe just as you do today.

Can I use my card for a telephone or computer transaction?

  • Yes. The chip-enabled card will work the same as a standard card for telephone and computer transactions.

Do I need to use a PIN when making a merchant purchase?

  • You can select either the PIN or signature option when making a purchase. While you can select to make a “credit” or “debit” transaction, the card itself is a debit card. 

How much does a chip card cost?

  • Should you need a replacement card in between renewals, we can take care of that for you at a cost of only $10.