About Us - Since 1936 and Growing!

With locations in North and South Dakota, our bank has been growing since 1936. Click here to see the location contact information.

We believe that while bank products are similar in most financial institutions, Cornerstone Bank offers one distinct difference: here you have easy access to the experts—the people who help you make decisions, whatever your business and whatever your balance. We offer honest insight from people who know our communities and how to make the most of your money.

Our History: A community bank, we have been growing since 1936. Click here to read our bank history.

Our Promise: It's your money. So the people who help you make decisions about it are not only accessible, they're experts.

Our Vision: We will be who people turn to when they’re making important decisions about their money.

Our Mission: We give straight answers and the best possible financial options.

Our Values:

  • We value positivity, choosing the best attitude to create the best outcome.
  • We value what we do, where we work and the people we work with.
  • We value empowered employees, giving them the authority and confidence to make decisions.
  • We value what people know, what they do with what they know, and their desire to know more.
  • We value bold ideas that break through traditional bank thinking.
  • We value embracing technology and change to provide and innovative customer and team member experience.
  • We value the right answers, no matter what it takes to get there.
  • We value truth and openness in every conversation.
  • We value our role as neighbors and contributors.
  • We value our customers’ time more than our own—and we all have customers, no matter where we work in the bank.

Experts. Right there across the table.